Sivu luotu 19.4.2012

LAND OF ICE (by Ian Stuart?)

Talking bout a land that is made of ice
A land of the North that is full of pride
Hearts full of fire, forests full of snow
We're always made welcome by the friends we know
As we board the Swedish ferry and journey through the night
Gothenburg is waiting, hearts of fire, land of ice
Hearts of fire, land of ice

We cross the mighty ocean and arrive the next day
Comrades are waiting on the dock of the bay
We toast old friendships as we shake their hands
We swear to keep on fighting to release our lands
The next day on to Stockholm to meet comrades of the fight
Their pride is Sweden's struggle, hearts of fire, land of ice
Hearts of fire, land of ice

"Bevara Sverige Svensk" is the slogan there
Nordic pride is the thing they share
To save their Northern country from the Marxist plague
To stop their country dying they fight every day
They're fighting in Uppsala, in Sodertalje they fight
In Boras and in Malmo, hearts of fire, land of ice
Hearts of fire, land of ice

LAND ON FIRE (by Ian Stuart?)

Summer time, rising crime, the lands on fire
The riots starts, the leftwing guards a funeral pyre
The time is gonna come, when they are gonna run
The land is ours, when is it gonna end
The people say when the dreams gone sour

A land on fire, a funeral pyre

Blazing days, the looting pays, the red flag flies
Blazing nights, the blood red lights, the nation dies
One day soon, a differturn tune, the lion turns
And once awake, the left will shake


Time tide will turn and we will spurn, the former age
Out they'll go and then we'll know, they've faced our rage An order new, has things to do, and debts to pay
The dawn will rise, to gladden eyes a brand new day
(chrous) fades

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